Biodynamic Products
A Complete Solution for Biodynamic Agriculture.

Soil Builder

B D Preperation 500

Shakti (Soil builder)

Shakti [BD 500] is the prime field preparation that brings Calcium or calcium producing forces to the soil.

Shakti [ BD 500] is used in the proportion of 30 gm in 13 liters of water per acre by making Vortex clock wise and anti-clockwise for one hour in the evening.

plant structure &
disease resistance

Bd Preperation 501

Divya (plant structure & disease resistance)

Divya [BD 501] is biodynamically treated quartz silica, it brings silica into the plant which builds the internal as well as the external structure of the plant.

Divya [BD 501] is used in proportion of 01 gm in 13 liters of water per acre by making Vortex clock wise and anti-clockwise for 25 –30 minutes early morning.

Supa - 502-507

Biodynamic Preparation 502-507

Biodynamic preparation 502 – 507 are known as compost preparations. They directly are used to decompose farm yard wastes, crop residues, dung etc available at farmers field and also used to make Cow Pat Pit (C.P.P.) the multipurpose product at farmers field.

multipurpose BD

S-9 multipurpose BD input

S9 is name given to the extended innoculum commonly known as Cow pat pit [C.P.P.] produced with the help of BD preps 502-507.

S9 ( C.P.P. ) is a multi- purpose input used for number of farms practices as below:
1. As Compost Inoculums @1kg per 1 to 1.5 tons of Crop residues /biomass and dung heaps.
2. For In-situ composting of remaining crop residues in the field @ 3 kg /acre.
3. For Seed Treatment @1 kg per 35-40 kg of seed / 1 kg for treatment of seed required for one acre

Nettle Pest
Repellent & Tonic

Urja (Nettle Pest repellent & tonic)

URJA is sun dried ‘Urtica diocia’, or ‘Stinging Nettles’ leafs enriched with biodynamic preparation. It works as pest repellent as well as a plant tonic as it contains iron, magnesium and calcium for plant nourishment and formic acid, which works as pest repellent.