Turnkey Project

Projects Implemented over the years

  1. TTDC, Technology Transfer and Development Centre, Rural Development Department Uttrakhand 2001-2003.

  2. Implementation of Organic farming program in different parts of Maharashtra under State Work Plan for Agriculture as service provider 2004 -2014

  3. CAIM project (Convergence of Agriculture Intervention in Maharshtra), supported by IFAD, Govt of Maharshtra & SRTT Mumbai, as resource agency for Organic Agriculture 2012-15

  4. Implemented project under National Horticulture Missions (Organic Horticulture initiative) in Akola Maharashtra for organic production of Citrus crops Year 2008-09.

  5. Implemented Training of facilitators (ToF) on Organic farming for staff of Department of agriculture, field agencies and progressive farmers in Maharashtra from Year 2009 to 2014.

  6. Successful implementation of Farmers Field School program on Organic Farming in different parts of Maharashtra.

  7. Pilot project on highland Traditional Basmati Production Almora, NDRC New Delhi 2013 -15.

  8.  Infrastructure and forward Linkages for Hill Crops (IFLAHC) - Marketing Board of Uttarakhand, 2016 -18.

  9. Capacity Building for Organic Farming and Certification – UCOST, 2016.

  10. Implementation of PKVY in 20 districts of Maharashtra, 2016- 17.